Public Policy

The mission of the Manatee Chamber of Commerce's Public Policy division is to build a positive business environment by advocating responsive legislation, regulatory practices and implementing programs to improve the business and tourism climates. This division is responsible for representing the business community before governmental bodies, working with local governments, and providing representation in coalition building organizations.


State and Federal Advocacy

The Manatee Chamber’s Legislative Committee developed policy positions which will be presented in both Tallahassee and Washington, D.C. The Chamber Board of Directors approved the State and Federal platforms of priorities for the Chamber at their November 2018 Board meeting. Guests, conference calls and research by committee members were coordinated in the development of the Business Agendas.

Click here for the Federal Business Agenda

Click here for the State Business Agenda

Local Government and Regional Advocacy

The Chamber’s Public Policy division, with the support of our Chamber members, provides ongoing advocacy and assistance to our local governments and regional authorities. Current efforts include:

  • Affordable Housing and Urban Revitalization: Manatee County Government is in the process of revising the Manatee County Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Code to facilitate urban infill, redevelopment and affordable housing solutions. The Chamber supports the proposed amendments to the County Comprehensive Plan bringing forth the necessary changes that provide opportunities for creative solutions to address the affordable housing crisis, in addition to community revitalization through redevelopment.

    Click here to view letter to Manatee County Government.
  • Transportation Solutions: The Chamber continues to monitor the Florida Department of Transportation’s (FDOT) Central Manatee Network Alternatives Analysis (CMNAA) Study. The goal of the CMNAA is to identify transportation solutions and projects for improved regional mobility and congestion relief for our residents and visitors. The Chamber has concluded the FDOT should expedite the PD&E Study to replace the DeSoto Bridge and to consider all capacity alternatives identified in the CMNAA; this includes bridge crossings on the 9th Street East, 15th Street East, and 27th Street East corridors and the elevated throughway concept on 1st Street West/US 41.

    Click here to view letter to FDOT.